First Look at Brock in Pokemon: Let's Go

Nintendo's playthrough of Pokemon: Let's Go revealed a first look at a classic Pokemon gym leader.

Junichi Masuda appeared on Nintendo's Treehouse Live today and he revealed a lengthy look at the upcoming Pokemon: Let's Go games, complete with an extended playthrough of some early parts of the game. Masuda showed off the new Viridian Forest and a first look at the Pewter City gym. Of course, that also meant a first look at Brock - the Pewter City Gym Leader and one of the most popular human Pokemon characters.

As seen in the screenshot above, Brock is in his "classic" gym pose, just like he was in Pokemon Red and Blue. However, Brock's outfit appears to be a modified version of his Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen outfits instead of his Pokemon Red and Blue or Pokemon Yellow outfits.

Of course, Brock was shirtless in the original Pokemon games and some fans were thrilled that Game Freak covered Brock's chiseled abs in the new game.

Other fans were less than thrilled that Pokemon: Let's Go required players to bring either a Grass-Type or Water-Type Pokemon to participate in a gym battle, since they both have advantages over Rock-Type Pokemon in Pokemon battles. While it's not a bad thing to make sure that Pokemon: Let's Go players know about type advantages, some fans felt that requiring a player to bring in a Water-Type or Grass-Type Pokemon was too much hand-holding for what already looks like a pretty easy game.


However, one cool detail that a lot of Pokemon fans appreciated about the revamped Pokemon gyms is that there are now spectator seats, just like in the Pokemon anime. Since Pokemon battles seem to be the main form of sports in the Pokemon world, it would make sense that Pokemon gyms have some stadium seating or at least some bleachers.

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee will be released on November 16th.