'Kill la Kill The Game' Announced by Arc System Works

A Kill la Kill game has been announced by Arc System Works and APLUS with the publisher and developer revealing a "battle action" title called Kill la Kill The Game.

It looks like the simple title will be the official name for the game with the teaser video above referring to it as such alongside the official site that’s now been set up for the game. The site has options for several different language options, one of which is English, but there’s not much more information to be found from the new site.

What we do know aside from the names of the companies working on the game is that it’ll be what’s described as a “battle action” game and has an expected release timeframe of 2019. It’ll also support one to two players, according to the listing of game details on the site. Prices, an age rating, and the platforms that it’ll be released on have yet to be announced.

Several screenshots were also shared on the site along with a full-size promotional poster to give a look at some in-game images that give some idea of what to expect from Kill la Kill The Game. It looks as though it’ll be an arena fighter, perhaps with some destructible environments as seen in the images below.

Kill la Kill The Game2
(Photo: Arc System Works)
Kill la Kill The Game1
(Photo: Arc System Works)
Kill la Kill The Game
(Photo: Arc System Works)

The game’s announcement might’ve come as a surprise if you haven’t been following Studio Trigger’s announcements closely, but those who have been were likely just waiting for this announcement to drop. Just a few days ago, Studio Trigger set up a countdown that had the timer reaching its end today. Arc System Works was featured in the countdown, the gaming company responsible for hits like the BlazBlue games and Dragon Ball FighterZ, so it was expected that a Kill la Kill game announcement was coming. Arc System Works’ affinity for fighting games added more speculation to the now-revealed game, and it looks like many were correct in assuming that it’d be another fighting game from the publisher.

While there’s not much known about the game right now, it won’t be long before that changes during next month’s Anime Expo 2018. The site for Kill la Kill The Game said that more information on the game would be revealed over at Arc System Works’ booth at the Anime Expo with Kill la Kill character design Sushio and creative officer Hiromi Wakabayashi attending, so there’ll be more announced on the expo’s July 5-8 dates.