'My Hero One's Justice' Producer Says Toga Was the Most Challenging Character to Adapt

My Hero One’s Justice features a roster of heroes and villains from the My Hero Academia series who are making their first video game appearance with Himiko Toga being the most challenging character to adapt to a game.

Aoba Miyazaki, producer for My Hero One’s Justice, was featured in a PlayStation Blog post to discuss the process of adapting a manga and anime like My Hero Academia to a fighting game. With different fighters joining the game’s list of playable characters, each of which being in possession of their own unique Quirks with some characters being more powerful than others in the source material, there were some balance and character adaptation details to be considered. When asked who the most challenging character was to bring to the game, Miyazaki said that her vote went to Toga.

Before hearing what the producer has to say, be warned that there are some spoilers here for those who aren’t fully caught up with My Hero Academia. Toga’s Quirk was first spoiled for many in some My Hero One’s Justice gameplay that was revealed months ago, and Miyazaki discusses it once again here and talks candidly about the character’s special power that might still be unknown to some people.

“The most challenging character was Toga,” Miyazaki said. “Toga is able to transform into the opponent, but we obviously didn’t want her to copy the opponent’s Quirk Attacks, as that would not be faithful to the original works.”

Toga’s Quirk allows her to take on the form of another character, something that would be practical from a story-driven anime and manga perspective but wouldn’t do much good in an arena fighter. She also can’t use her copied opponent’s Quirk, but Miyazaki and the My Hero One’s Justice team found a way to work around the problem by making use of the two support characters that players can bring with them to every fight. By taking on the form of an opponent, Toga can utilize their support characters and use the two against her enemies.


“But in a VS game, visually transforming wouldn’t be much of an added value. So what we did was think of how the sidekicks would react if there were two identical characters. That’s why Toga’s attacks while transformation is focused on using the ‘opponent’s sidekick,’ assuming that they would be tricked on which side to be on.

My Hero One’s Justice is scheduled to release on Oct. 26.