'Final Fantasy VII's' Sephiroth and More Invade 'Skyrim' With This Mod

Since it doesn't look like we're going to be getting any more news on the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake any time soon, I've had to look for other ways to see my first in-game boyfriend again. Thanks to this Skyrim mod, the sinfully handsome one-winged angel returns to invade the world of Tamriel alongside a few other key Final Fantasy VII characters!

Though there are other characters, let's talk about Sephiroth first. The modder mentioned, "Added as a companion or enemy. Choose which one you want in your game, as they are separate .esp files. As a companion he can be found at the entrance of the High Hrothgar building. As an enemy he is to the left (down a slope) of the Shrine of Azura."

If you choose him as an enemy (good luck!), he's incredibly high-leveled. The modder jokes that he's the "Ultima Weapon" of the Skyrim-verse. They added, "I recommend using a large party of companions if and when you face him. If you are also using my FF6 mod, he is in the same location as Kefka. They will most likely be fighting each other when you find them, if Kefka is still alive."

(Photo: Sephiroth)

Tifa Lockhard, Cloud Strife, Aeris Gainsborough, Vincent Valentine, and more are also added, as well as Sora, Kairi, and Riku from the Kingdom Hearts universe. A few things to note about these Tamriel additions:

1. They are all marriageable
2. They each come with multiple perks.
3. Recommend UFO to add more magic to Aeris if you wish to.
4. Be careful with Aeris, she can die!

Of course Aeris can die because one heartbreak isn't enough, apparently.


If you're looking for exact replicas, you won't find that here, but these are awesome if you're wanting what these characters would look like if they actually invaded Skyrim. If you are looking for some dead-on husbando material, you can check out this incredible Final Fantasy Sephiroth cosplay here just don't blame us when it suddenly gets a little too hot where you're at (we thirsty).

Interested in downloading this mod? You can learn more about it here on Nexus Mods.