'Pokemon Go' Announces New Shiny Pokemon for Next Limited Research Day

Pokemon Go will add Shiny versions of Lotad and Castform as part of a new one day mini-event coming later in March. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced a new Limited Research event, in which players can collect special Field Research from PokeStops and complete them to obtain guaranteed encounters with certain Pokemon. The next Limited Research event will have a Weather theme to it, with Field Research related to Pokemon that appear during certain types of weather. Completing the Field Research will guarantee players an encounter with Lotad, and players will also get a chance to encounter Lotad in the wild.

The Limited Research event will also have boosted spawn rates for Pokemon that appear in certain weather conditions, including Castform, which has four different forms that are dependent on the weather. In addition, Castform will also be able to learn the move Weather Ball beginning with the event.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with alternate colorations and are usually quite rare. Shiny Lotad has a dark purple body and a turquoise leaf on its head, while a Shiny Castform is a faint purple instead of grey...at least in its Normal Form. According to the announcement, only the Normal Form of Castform will be getting a Shiny variant initially.

The event will take place on March 30th from 11 AM to 8 PM local time. Please note that players are getting extended hours for this event compared to previous Limited Research events.



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