'Pokemon Go' Seems to Have a Low Encounter Rate for Shiny Lotad

Pokemon Go players are complaining about the game's newest event. Pokemon Go is holding a Limited Research day, an event in which players complete Field Research tasks to get guaranteed encounters with a certain species of Pokemon. Today's event features the Water/Grass-type Pokemon Lotad, a Pokemon that typically only appears during rainy weather. As part of the event, Pokemon Go also added the Shiny versions of Lotad and Castform to the game, but players shouldn't expect to find them easily. While it seems that Shiny Lotad's encounter rate is somewhat boosted, it's nowhere near the level of last month's Clamperl Limited Research event.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with alternate coloration that are usually quite rare, but tend to appear in greater quantities during certain events. The first Limited Research event, which focused on Feebas, didn't have a boosted Shiny rate, but last month's Clamperl event had a Shiny rate similar to Community Day. While players are anecdotally reporting finding plenty of Shiny Castform, the Lotad rate seems to be a lot lower...although it seems to be a bit higher than the game's normal Shiny rate.

On the plus side, players have a lot more time to obtain a Shiny Lotad than in past events. Today's event lasts from 11 AM to 8 PM local time, which is three times as long as past Limited Research events. The key to the event seems to be finding areas with lots of PokeStops, as completing Limited Research guarantees a Lotad encounter.



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