'Detective Pikachu' Rides in a Car Seat and Fans Are in Love

Fans are dying over a new Detective Pikachu trailer that shows the titular Pokemon riding in a car seat. Yesterday, Legendary and Warner Bros. released a new "screen test" trailer showing many of the new Pokemon that will appear in the upcoming movie. While most of the trailer focused on showing the live action Pokemon standing in front of a white screen, there was one clip that showed Detective Pikachu and Psyduck sitting in the back seat of a car. As Detective Pikachu chats with Psyduck, fans quickly noticed that Pikachu appeared to be sitting in a car seat made for a toddler.

We'll note that, as Pikachu weighs only 13 pounds and is less than 2 feet tall, he probably shouldn't be sitting in a front-facing car seat. Most car seat manufacturers recommend that children not sit in a front-facing car seat until they're at least 25-35 pounds in weight...a weight that Pikachu would likely never reach. However, it's possible that Ryme City, as a city made for Pokemon and humans, have special car seats made specifically for Pokemon instead of toddlers and that weight limits are a bit different.

We know from the Pokemon games and anime that larger Pokemon often sit in the beds of pick-up trucks while moving around. We'll have to see whether Detective Pikachu depicts larger Pokemon using cars to get around, or if that's a luxury reserved for cute and cuddly Pokemon.

Detective Pikachu comes out on May 10th.



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