'League of Legends' Is Updating Pantheon

Riot Games revealed its plans for the next champion update Mordekaiser and said that the fellow pizza-footed champion Pantheon will be the next in line for a Visual and Gameplay Update. Mordekaiser’s rework still hasn’t been revealed yet, though it was teased in the April Champion Roadmap where plans for Pantheon’s champion update were also announced. No timeframe was given for when the update will be out, but Riot already has an idea of what it wants to do with Pantheon.

Pantheon’s one of the best definitions of a feast or famine champion who absolutely requires early-game kills to get the ball rolling. He’s also got an interesting backstory as a “shell inhabited by the supernatural Aspect of War,” according to his champion bio, but you wouldn’t discern that from seeing his bulky figure and triangular feed moving around the map while chucking spears. That’s why Pantheon’s visuals are being updated so that he can become modernized and better exhibit the qualities his narrative attributes to him.

“After Mordekaiser, Pantheon is the last of the pizza-feet champions, which is to say he hasn’t visually held up very well over time,” lead producer of champions Ryan “Reav3” Mireles said in the Champion Roadmap. “We will be building his visuals from the ground up, while also making him feel more unique to the world of Runeterra. We’ll also be expanding on his current lore, as we tell the story of gods and humans and how one man fought back against the gods.”

League of Legends Pantheon
(Photo: Riot Games)

As for Pantheon’s gameplay, Riot couldn’t offer many specifics, but it did say the update would be one that modernizes Pantheon instead of totally remaking his kit. The teaser above was also shared that looks to be a new imagining of Pantheon’s ultimate that sends him plummeting into foes from above.

“For Pantheon’s gameplay, we’re looking to modernize his current kit rather than completely re-imagine it. We plan on preserving the aggressive, reliable nature of his play pattern while also adding a deeper set of options and decisions for him to play around with. We also want to really sell the hoplite fantasy by making Pantheon’s shield feel more integrated into his kit.”

Beyond Pantheon’s update, League players are also getting the chance to choose what champion will get a VGU in the future.



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