Riot Explains Why League of Legends Champions No Longer Get Traditional Reveal Pages

League of Legends champions such as Yuumi and now Qiyana have been released by Riot Games lately at the typical steady rate, but players noticed something different about these two champion reveals compared to others. They weren’t given the usual treatment of full, scrolling reveal pages that included everything from their bios to their abilities to the tips and tricks for playing as them. The lack of reveal pages was noticeable for players who’d grown accustomed to seeing them go up with every rework or release, and Riot has confirmed some of those players’ suspicions by saying that the company is indeed retiring the traditional reveal format.

In response to the lack of reveal page for Qiyana, the champion seen in the video above who can manipulate the elements to her will, a player created their own champion reveal page. It looked like an exact replica of what Riot would usually put out, and it elicited a response from a Rioter who addressed some of the comments and theories which were circulating in the thread. Speaking under the Reddit username c0ttonnz, the Rioter said champion reveal pages are being retired.

“Yes overall reveal pages are being retired for Champions, but not without good trade-offs,” the Rioter said. “Also, I don’t mind sharing our thinking behind this.”

According to the Rioter, the “big bottom line” is that players simply weren’t using the reveal pages. By tracking the performance of the pages over several years, Riot determined that VODs, forums, mobile apps, and the client itself were more popular options for learning about the champions.

Players who’ve been active in the past few months will have recognized the different in reveals. Kayle and Morgana were two of the last examples of champions that got the full reveal treatment with a shared page, but when it came to Mordekaiser’s rework and Yuumi’s reveal, they had more condensed pages. An experience more like the typical reveal was instead found in the client with ability descriptions, videos, and links to other resources included there, and it looks like those reveals are paving the way for more in-client features.


“We’re in the process of building in-client champion reveal hubs (they’re a bit rough right now in execution, but we hope to have them up to the kind of polish reveal pages had/have) which are hopefully going to be an even better offering than what we had before... while also hitting our goals of reaching players,” the Rioter said.

Champion teasers and cinematic reveals like the ones players received for Warwick and Jhin are still on the table, the Rioter said before commenting that Riot has just been caught “in a little transition period” right now.