Google Stadia Usernames Can Be Changed at Any Time

With Google Stadia being a totally new platform, it means there’s a nearly endless number of usernames that’ll be up for grabs when Google’s gaming service releases. This means that you’ll be able to bring over the same username that you’ve used since the start of your online gaming days or can pick a totally new one to usher in the new platform. If you don’t get the one that you want right away or want to change it to something else later, you’ll apparently be able to modify your Google Stadia name whenever you want.

PCGamesN learned from a Google Stadia representative that the platform’s users can tweak their usernames whenever they want. Of course, you won’t be able to take the username that someone else has already picked, so you’ll have to just keep checking back if one you want is taken in the hopes that the person who has it will use Google Stadia’s flexible username system and change their own name.

While being able to change your name at any point is a nice perk of the platform, it’s not guaranteed that this service will be free. PCGamesN couldn’t verify with the Google Stadia team whether there would be a fee associated with the name change feature option or not. Steam and other PC services let people change their names without many restrictions, but console platforms like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only give people one free name change. Every subsequent name change will cost you varying amounts depending on the platform and what type of online subscription you have. Sony only relented to this often requested feature earlier in the year when it made the name change service available to everyone.

Google revealed all its pricing information for the Stadia service earlier in the month and announced that there’d be a Founder’s Edition of Stadia that’s launching in November. If you want to be among the first people to secure the name you want, you’ll need to get that version.


“Stadia begins with Founder’s Edition. Get access to Stadia at launch, three free months of Stadia Pro for yourself, and three months of Stadia Pro to give away to a friend with a Buddy Pass,” the Google Stadia site says. “Founder’s Edition also includes the exclusive Night Blue Stadia Controller, a Google Chromecast Ultra6 for streaming to your TV, and a Founder’s Stadia Name, all for $129.”

Google Stadia’s Founder’s Edition will start shipping in November.