Pokemon Go Teases Jirachi as Ultra Bonus Reward

Pokemon Go could be adding Jirachi as an Ultra Bonus reward for all players. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced via Twitter that it would announce an Ultra Bonus as a reward for players completing all three Global Challenges this weekend. While an early tweet teased that the Ultra Bonus could be the launch of "Gen 5" Pokemon or an event involving Unown, a subsequent tweet strongly hinted that the Ultra Bonus would be a new Special Research quest involving the Mythical Pokemon Jirachi.

Jirachi is a Steel/Psychic-type Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as that generation's first Mythical Pokemon. The equivalent to Mew or Celebi in the Hoenn region, Jirachi is known for granting wishes when it wakes every thousand years. The Pokemon has both wish tags on its heads and resembles a shooting star, which is why it's known as the Wish Pokemon.


Technically, Jirachi is already available in Pokemon Go, although you needed to attend a Pokemon Go Fest this summer to obtain it. As with Celebi last summer, Niantic offered Jirachi as a reward for players who attended the event, although players needed to complete several tasks in order to "wake" Jirachi up to calm several in-game disturbances in the game.

It's unclear if Jirachi will be the only part of the Ultra Bonus, or if there will be other additions coming to Pokemon Go soon.