Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Updates 2v2 Alpha, Here's What's New

Infinity Ward’s 2v2 Alpha for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is only live for a few days, but it’s still being updated throughout the duration to add new features and make changes as needed. One of those updates just went out recently with Infinity Ward recapping the second day of the alpha and adding a new map in the process. More updates are still on the way, but this latest one has made a few noticeable changes to buff one weapon and address some issues players might’ve been encountering.

The developer shared news of the update on Reddit and detailed everything that was new with the highlight being a new map that’s now in the rotation. Players have by now likely been able to play on the Docks map which was added not long ago, though some might’ve had problems connecting to the game’s online features. That, among other things, should be fixed now, according to Infinity Ward.

A rundown of the fixes currently live can be seen below, but Infinity Ward also has a longer list of issues seen in the post linked above that it’s working on.

Update Fixes

  • Docks: A new 2v2 map is now in rotation! When we pushed the playlist update live earlier today, players were unable to connect to online services as a result. As of now, connection issues should be recovering, so thank you all for your patience as we worked through this.
  • M19 Pistol: Damage increased at longer ranges (now a minimum 5 shot kill instead of 6)
  • Improved Idle Player Handling (AFK): If at the end of a match you have not touched your controller within two rounds, you’ll be removed from matchmaking.
  • Improved matchmaking for solo microphone users – you’re now much more likely to find a teammate with a microphone.

The Docks map can be seen below as previewed by the official Call of Duty Twitter account.

Another map is coming to the 2v2 Alpha to join the rotation, so expect to see Stack released eventually. There’s also another game mode variant that’s coming where players start with only a pistol and have to scramble to find other equipment around the map before their opponents can.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s 2v2 Alpha is now available to download for free for all PlayStation 4 owners.

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