A New Brothers In Arms Game Is In The Works At Gearbox


There are a lot of military-based games on the market already, with stuff like Battlefield 1 and the forthcoming Call of Duty: WWII getting our attention. But one series we haven’t heard a lot from over the years is Brothers In Arms.

For years, Ubisoft carried the first-person shooter series across several chapters, attracting millions of fans with each new release. However, it’s since kind of died out, in favor of the more popular releases on the market. But, as this E3 show certainly indicates, there’s always room for a comeback.

Speaking with Geoff Keighley over on YouTube @E3, Randy Pitchford, CEO for Gearbox Software, confirmed that a new game is in the works. (Gearbox worked on previous chapters of the series.)

"We've had in development for some time a new Brothers in Arms game,” he confirmed. “It's authentic, its got Sgt. Baker, it's the Brothers in Arms game we want to make and we're doing it under our publishing label. I was really grateful when Ubisoft jumped in to help publish the original Brothers in Arms games but as that relationship matured, I think for them they thought the game looked pretty cool and it was sort of a side bet and it turned out to be a big franchise and it became important to their business and as that was true, they got more and more involved. I think their interests were different from what we think Brothers in Arms is. Now we can do the authentic game Brothers in Arms fans really want."

Telltale Games actually proved to be a good inspiration when it came to the resurrection of the series. "I think Brothers in Arms has always been strong because of its unique tactical gameplay, it's not just a raw shooter. There's a lot more to it than just the skill test. There's also a storytelling element, we're really pushing that to new places. Our experience working with Telltale on the Tales [of the Borderlands] series has taught us that you can actually make gameplay out of storytelling and you can have that be really engaging,” Pitchford explained.


The game doesn’t have a release date, and Gearbox isn’t showing anything on the show floor. More than likely, we’ll probably see some sort of details emerge at the PAX events, possibly as soon as PAX West when it takes place in early September.

Still, we’re happy to see the series back. Brothers In Arms has always been good for authentic war action, and we know it has its fans.