Alinity Announces Break From Twitch Amid Health Concerns

Popular Twitch streamer Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon has announced she's taking a break from streaming amid health concerns. Taking to Twitter on December 20, the streamer revealed that she was sick and thus would be "around less for a little while." At the time, Alinity committed to shorter and sporadic streams, but didn't say what she was sick with.

"Yo guys. I am pretty sick. Not fun stuff," said the streamer. "I will be around less for a little while. Streams will be short and sporadic, gotta look after my health. Love you all very much and I am looking forward to being around more once I am better."

Fast-forward to yesterday and Alinity has announced that her break was escalating to a full break not just from Twitch, but from social media as well. The streamer didn't say whether the two tweets are related, which means it's unclear if the period of absence is health-related. Alinity also doesn't announce when she will return.

"Hello friends, I need to take a break from Streaming and social media," said Alinity. "I will see you all when I get back."

Again, it's not 100 percent clear why Alinity is taking a break from Twitch and social media, but she's not the only one stepping away from both for the holidays. Many other streamers have announced similar breaks, such as Pokimane.


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