Among Us Shows Off Part of New Airship Map

Among Us creators InnerSloth showed off another part of the upcoming Airship map by previewing one [...]

Among Us creators InnerSloth showed off another part of the upcoming Airship map by previewing one of the features players will encounter there. A brief video shared on social media showed a moving platform that looks like a convenient way to traverse the map but could also be problematic for players depending on what kind of situation they're in. The Airship map the platform is housed in has not yet been released and does not have a release date at this time.

The video below was shared by the Among Us Twitter account on Wednesday to present two different scenarios where players might try to make use of the platform. Located in an area of the Airship map that's fittingly called the "Gap Room," the platform moves back and forth between two opposing segments of the floor. By stepping on it when it's on the side nearest you, it'll ferry you across to the other platform, but if you're coming at it from the side it's not on, you'll find yourself looking for an alternate route.

Ladders are affixed to the map right after getting off either side of the platform, so it looks like players will have another way to get around the gap if they can't use the moving feature. It's unclear at this time whether the platform will move on its own or whether it's only triggered by players stepping on it, but it's evident using it will be the quicker way to get around the map.

Among Us players have been doing their best to imagine what the inside of the Airship map looks like ever since it was first announced, so this feature being showcased should help those who are still trying to piece everything together. A bug did allow some Among Us players on the Nintendo Switch to access the map ahead of schedule and experience it for themselves, but the version of the map that was seen there was clearly unfinished and was not indicative of the final experience.

The new Among Us map does not yet have a release date, but much to the amusement of the developers, players are collaborating to try and figure out when it might drop.