Among Us Chicken Nugget Now Selling for Over $34,000 on eBay

A chicken nugget from McDonald's which resembles an Among Us Crewmate is now being sold on eBay for over $34,000. The nugget first debuted on the reseller site with a set price before being relisted as an item to bid on, and with over 100 bids placed on it by now, it's been pushed up to that lofty price. There are still just over two days left on the item, too, so we could see the bidding price go even higher than that.

The listing for the nugget seen here on eBay currently lists the top bid at $34,744 with exactly 121 bids placed on the item. That's around $300 more than the top bid that was on the item whenever the Among Us Twitter account acknowledged its existence and tweeted about it just a few hours ago. The listing perhaps owes that free publicity to the increased price, but either way, people are going to be bidding at least $100 more than the previous bid from now on to top the No. 1 spot. Nearly 500 people are "watchers" for the item on eBay as well which means they could step in late in the bidding process to raise the price.

The image you see above shows the shape of the nugget being sold on the right with the white lines on it an effect left over from the glare of the plastic bag it was in. It does indeed look like an Among Us Crewmate as much as one could hope a chicken nugget would, though whether or not that alone makes it worth up to $35,000 would depend on how much the buyer likes Among Us and bragging rights.

To sweeten the deal, the nugget just so happened to come from one of the BTS Combo Meals being sold at McDonald's right now, so if you're a fan of the music group and the party game Among Us, you'll get twice as much out of your purchase if you've got enough lying around to top this bid.


Bids on eBay aren't guarantees of how much it'll sell for since buyers could always stiff the seller, but if the cost has gotten this high, it's still going to sell for a ton when the bidding is done. The listing will come to a close on Friday, so we'll have to see then how much it sold for.