Animal Crossing Fan Creates the Cutest Anniversary Present Ever

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have proven to be rather clever. Players have used Nintendo's life-sim game to really stretch their creative muscles over the last two months, creating some truly amazing things in the game. For some players, that extends to life outside of New Horizons, apparently. For their anniversary, Max Carter decided to give his wife a real-life present, hanging from a balloon, alongside a slingshot to bring it down, just as players often see in New Horizons. Carter's friend Matthew Jackson shared the pictures on Twitter, where the moment has gotten quite a bit of attention from Animal Crossing fans!

The gift really says a lot about how big the latest iteration in the Animal Crossing franchise has become. Nintendo's series has always inspired a devoted following, but New Horizons has become a bit of a sensation since the game's release in March. The game has clearly become a creative outlet for many, and it's amazing to see that creativity extending past the game itself. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has made the series one of Nintendo's biggest, and the creativity players have managed to share with one another is a massive part of the game's appeal.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has likely played some role in the game's success, as Nintendo Switch owners around the world have used the game to connect with one another. Like Max Carter and his wife, this has also extended to special occasions. On Mother's Day, players celebrated with their parents in the game, when they couldn't in person. Clearly, players are using the game to bond with one another, whether that means in the game, or in-person, and that's a truly amazing thing to see.

Over the last few weeks, many gamers have compared Animal Crossing: New Horizons' current cultural appeal to the initial popularity of Pokemon Go when it released in the summer of 2016. Like Niantic's mobile game, both have formed strong bonds between those playing together, and it seems like those memories will last for a very long time to come!

Have you created something for your significant other based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Has the game helped you bond with people over the last few weeks? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!