Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How to Get Every Kind of Egg for Bunny Day

Animal Crossing: New Horizons starts its first official event today, complete with tons of new items and clothing sets to celebrate Bunny Day. Starting today, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is hosting its Bunny Day event, a 12-day eggstravaganza featuring tons of new Easter egg-themed items. After speaking to Zipper T. Bunny, players can start tracking down Bunny Day-themed DIY recipes all across the island. These items range from decorations like Bunny Day Arches and Bunny Day Baskets, to more permanent items like a Bunny Day Vanity or a Bunny Day Bed. There are even special DIY outfits that you can craft to give your character a special egg dress or hat.

In order to craft these special Bunny Day items, you'll have to collect eggs around the island. There are six different types of eggs, each of which can be collected in different ways. Here are the six different types of eggs and how to find them.

Earth Eggs: Players can find Earth Eggs hidden in the ground, which are marked with an "X" similar to how fossils usually appear. When you find a crack in the ground, dig it up with your shovel. Players can only retrieve a limited number of Earth Eggs per day.

Leaf Eggs: Leaf Eggs can be found on fruitless trees. When a player comes across a Leaf Egg tree, they simply need to shake it to retrieve the eggs.

Sky Eggs: Sky Eggs can be found floating over the island in special presents. Unlike normal presents, these eggs have a unique egg-themed balloon design. Use your slingshot to shoot a present down (but be careful to avoid the water!)

Stone Eggs: Players can find Stone Eggs by hitting the rocks around their island. They pop out at random along with Iron Nuggets, Clay, Stone, and Gold Nuggets. Use your shovel or axe on your rock to retrieve a Stone Egg.

Water Eggs: Water Eggs appear as fish in both the ocean and river. Use your fishing rod to catch Water Eggs. You can find an unlimited supply of Water Eggs on your island.


Wood Eggs: Wood Eggs appear by chopping at trees with an axe. Be careful not to cut down any of your precious fruit trees when hunting for Wood Eggs!

There are nearly 40 different unique Bunny Day items that can be crafted with these eggs, so Animal Crossing: New Horizons players should have their hands full over the next two weeks.

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