Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Creates Turnip Calculator to Maximize Profits

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are taking extra steps to maximize their turnip profits by using calculators to predict how much money they can potentially make off of selling the vegetables. One of those calculators that’s become popular recently was created by software engineer and Twitter user Christian Ceciliano and has been used by players lately to help them make decisions on when they should offload their supply of turnips to Timmy and Tommy.

The calculator in question that’s simply called “ACNH: Turnip Calculator” is free to use for those looking to sell their turnips for the best possible value. If you’re new to selling turnips in New Horizons, you should first consult our guide for how to play the stalk market, but if you’ve already done so, you’ll know how prices can fluctuate throughout the week. You buy them every Sunday, and Timmy and Tommy will buy them from you for different prices throughout the week. There are two prices each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and the selling price changes at noon.

It’s those numbers as well as the price that you purchased the turnips for that you’ll want to keep track of when you’re trying to sell your turnips. Start on Monday with a supply of turnips – you can’t sell turnips on Sundays – and see how much Timmy and Tommy will pay in the morning and the afternoon for your stock. Record the prices in the calculator and continue doing so each day until there’s enough data to show players what their minimum profit will be as well as how high they could go.


This calculator created by Ceciliano with the help of others credited on the site only accounts for the prices on players’ own islands though, so don’t start inputting data there for the friends’ islands you visit.

On some days, you may be better off just selling your turnip supply for profit to get what you can take from the turnips. Visiting other friends’ islands and selling turnips there is also a viable strategy if it’s looking like they’re going to have a better deal than you do, but you have to make sure you sell them off before the next Sunday since they’ll spoil then.