Apex Legends "High Octane" Hunt: How to Play, Rewards, and Recap

Another week in Apex Legends Season 5 means another Hunt is now available to players who’ve been [...]

Another week in Apex Legends Season 5 means another Hunt is now available to players who've been keeping up with their count of daily Treasure Packs. Like the Hunts before it, this one advances the storyline of "The Broken Ghost," the story that's been going on throughout Season 5 and will continue until we find out what's going on with Loba, Revenant, and the other Legends on King's Canyon. This week's Hunt sends players into another unique scenario to retrieve an artifact and then to see what's happening with the other Legends through another text-based story along with another exclusive weapon charm.

As you might have guessed from the name, "High Octane" has to do with Octane, the high-speed Legend who was the first post-launch character added to the game. Octane ran off on his own at the end of "Enter the Revenants" to dig up artifacts and set things right since he couldn't wait to get into the action, but his disappearance has caused a commotion with other Legends.

To take part in this latest Hunt that's live as of June 9th, see below for everything you need to know. If you don't want to play but just want to know what happens, we've got you covered on that as well.

How to Start "High Octane" Hunt

Starting "High Octane" will require a minimum of 20 Treasure Packs. Hopefully you've been keeping up with your Treasure Packs throughout Season 5 by earning at least one every other day to make sure you've got enough by now. You can play the mission with someone who does have enough Treasure Packs if you're lacking some, but you won't get the rewards.

If you don't have enough Treasure Packs, you can always catch up by buying more. In the "Quest" section of the Season 5 menu – the same place where you start this new Hunt – you can purchase Treasure Packs for 25 Apex Coins each to get you where you need to be.

"High Octane" Hunt Rewards

Completing "High Octane" will earn you three rewards: An Epic weapon charm, an artifact for the story, and another text-based chapter showing the Legends interacting. Those rewards are outlined below.

Howlite Weapon Charm (Epic)

Artifact Piece – Retinal Array

Story Chapter 3 – "The Impromptu Kidnapping"

"High Octane" Hunt Recap

A few Legends are off the table in this Hunt, namely Octane and Wattson since they're both indisposed based on what's happening in the story. You can play as Loba and Revenant this time though, but whoever you pick, get ready to spend a lot of time in the air.

Once you drop into the Slum Lakes map, you'll immediately see Octane's Launch Pads everywhere. He's definitely been there, but he's nowhere to be found. Jump across to different buildings and collect better loot while you defeat Prowlers and you'll advance to the next step.

After beating the Prowlers, it's time again to dig up an artifact and bring it back. Activate the machine and collect the results, take the Jump Tower back to the ship or fight your way back for a challenge, and you'll complete the mission. It's a relatively simple one, but you'll see the story advanced more in the text-based chapter.

"The Impromptu Kidnapping" Story Recap

This chapter shows more of the relationship between Lifeline and Octane. While it's not explicitly stated that the two have romantic feelings for one another, it's clear they're a closer pair than most Legends are. We've seen parts of this relationship focused on through past teasers and through in-game dialogue between the two. With Octane still missing, Lifeline's trying to get Bangalore, the leader of the operation aside from Loba who's been looming over the events, to go looking for Octane.

After strongly coercing and borderline kidnapping Octane's date to visit Bangalore to exchange juicy info for a signature, the Legends find out more about Loba and what she's really looking for when she sends the Legends out to collect different artifacts. We end on a cliffhanger before we get to figure out what that is, though that gives something to look forward to next week.

As for Wattson, it appears she's okay now? She's been incapacitated for a while and was at the start of the story since Lifeline found a note Octane had taped to Wattson's forehead, but she was working with Crypto towards the end of the chapter to put the new artifact in its place. There's also no explanation as to why we get to play as Revenant in this mission. He's said himself he's mostly indifferent to Loba's existence now because he thinks her quest is amusing, but that doesn't really explain why he'd help find an artifact. Hopefully those questions will be explained later and aren't just gaps in the story.