Apex Legends Leak Hints at New LMG Weapon

Another Apex Legends weapon has been unearthed from the game’s files to hint at a new LMG that might be coming to the game sooner rather than later. That LMG is currently referred to as the “Dragon” within the game’s files, and is if the information there is accurate, it’ll do something that no other LMG does in the game: Use Light Ammo. There’s no known release timeframe for the weapon, but we’ve at least gotten some idea of what it looks like.

Apex Legends leaker Biast12 shared a look at the Dragon LMG on Twitter this week with the gun housed in one of the weapon racks that hold Apex Legends weapons. There aren’t too many notable details to observe from the preview based on how little of the weapon was shown, but the big takeway from the reveal was that it’ll use Light Ammo.

In a separate tweet that came just before the one showing off the Dragon, Biast12 said this Dragon LMG was one of three different weapons being worked on right now. The other two are the EPG which is supposed to be a grenade launcher from the Titanfall franchise while the other is the Compound Bow that we’ve seen hinted at in the past. That Compound Bow supposedly uses a totally different type of ammo than we’ve seen in Apex Legends, but that hasn’t been released or confirmed yet either.

While an LMG using Light Ammo might sound unconventional, it makes sense in Apex Legends when you think of the weapons available now and the ammo types they use. The Spitfire uses Heavy Ammo while the L-Star uses Energy Ammo, so if there were to be another LMG added, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine it using Light Ammo.

Ammo types aside, when and if this weapon will be added remains to be seen. Things are found in the game’s files all the time and occasionally take quite a while to manifest in Apex Legends itself, so we may end up waiting for this weapon behind others that are currently in development. Any new additions to the weapon pool will likely happen at the turn of the season, so once Season 8 wraps up, expect to see any new weapons introduced in the game’s patch nots.