'Apex Legends' Leak Reveals New Characters and Abilities

A new Apex Legends leak appears to confirm the identities of two more Legends as well as some of the abilities they'll use.

Considering how large Apex Legends has already become in the short time it's been a free-to-play game, it's no surprise dataminers are already searching through the game's files to see what's there to be found. In the audio files for Respawn Entertainment's battle royale game, several sound effects have been found for what appear to be new Legends as they slide, run, and use their abilities.

Octane and Wattson are the two names found in the files, according to the datamined info above, and players may already know the names of two different abilities as well. The files were formatted to show the Legends' names first and then the action they were taking with most of the files referring to movements, but Octane has a file for something called "stim" that sounds like it could be a Stimpack of some sort. Apex Legends already has syringes and Ultimate Accelerants to use, so this file appears to be alluding towards an ability or action players haven't seen yet. What it does is unclear, but if the Legend's alleged name and Titanfall 2 Stims are anything to go off of, it could provide a boost in speed and perhaps other benefits. That kind of power sounds like it'd fit well in a Legend's Tactical slot.

Wattson's ability on the other hand appears to be one that'll put enemies at a disadvantage with a file revealing something called a Tesla Trap. Again, if we're looking at these abilities with the Legends' names in mind, this sounds like a trap that can be put down to damage enemies with electricity somehow. It makes sense that one of the newest Legends would have a kit with a trap in it as well since Caustic is the only Legend so far who can lay traps for his unsuspecting opponents. Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather Tactical says it reveals hidden "traps," so it makes sense that Respawn would already have other trap-based Legends in the works.


Apex Legends players had a theory not long ago that two of the upcoming Legends had already been teased, so perhaps these two will turn out to be Octane and Wattson.