Apex Legends Reveals Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer, Exclusive Pathfinder Skin

Respawn Entertainment shared a new Apex Legends trailer Tuesday showing off gameplay from the Nintendo Switch version just a week before the game launches on the console. Ahead of that March 9th release date, players were also reminded of everything they’ll get in the free-to-play game when it releases on the Switch since those players will be starting Season 8 way behind everybody else. This gameplay trailer also gives us our first look at the console-exclusive Pathfinder skin that we’ve heard about previously.

The gameplay trailer below shows off some of the action from the Switch as well as the first full look at the Pathfinder skin. The cosmetic for the Legend is simply known as “P.A.T.H.” and will be available only for Switch users.

It was also clarified in the trailer that this skin will only be available for a limited time until May 4th, so Apex Legends players on the Nintendo Switch will have just under two months to claim the skin before it’s gone for good. Because there’s no cross-progression enabled in Apex Legends between platforms, that skin will have to stay on your Switch version of the game if you claim it.

Aside from the new skin, Switch users will also get some decent bonuses to help them get started in Season 8. A total of 30 free battle pass levels will be granted upon starting the season to move players closer to where those on other platforms already are, and to accelerate their growth beyond that, players will get twice the experience for the first two weeks after launch. This offer combined with the free skin means that the first few weeks of the game’s availability will likely be pretty busy, so if you’re looking to test it out without much to risk other than time since the game’s free, the first two weeks seem like they’ll be pretty active.

With the new Switch version coming soon, all that’s left that we know of in the Apex Legends ports is the mobile version of the game that was still in development as of the last time EA talked about it. No further word has been given on the mobile version’s potential release window.