Apple TV's Mythic Quest Is Having a Special Quarantine Episode

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, the Apple TV show about a group of game devs trying to release a big update for their game while dealing with unruly players and each other, is making the most of the current situation soon with a special quarantine episode. Apple announced this week that the cast of Mythic Quest will be returning for a new episode set to air on May 22nd that’ll see the main characters attempt to hold a team meeting from their homes. A preview of the episode shows about how well that’ll go for the developers.

Featuring many of the most popular characters from the show like Ian who’s played by Rob McElhenney and Poppy who’s played by Charlotte Nicdao, the preview above shows the Mythic Quest team struggling to hold a meeting. Between people eating during the call, dressed inappropriately, and not knowing how to work the technology that’s been thrust upon them, it looks like a particularly resonant episode given the at-home circumstances many people find themselves in right now.

“Lots of workplaces are figuring out this whole working-from-home thing, and the gaming industry is no different,” said McElhenney who both stars in the show and severs as an executive producer. “Virtual meetings are a new and special kind of hell, so I think people will relate. Yes, we’ve all had low points, but there have also been incredible moments of triumph and we wanted to celebrate that.”

The episode also has another unique twist to it in that it was shot entirely on iPhones. McElhenney said it took just a matter of days for the crew to put together the idea and create the episode.


“We needed to shoot this episode fast without sacrificing quality,” he said. “Thankfully, we’re living in a time when everyone’s got a camera in their pocket. Having an iPhone, coupled with the ingenuity of our crew, allowed us to make this unique piece of television in just days. We hope people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Mythic Quest was renewed for a second season shortly after the first one was fully released on Apple TV, but production on those episodes has since been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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