Arby's Created a Super Mario Maker 2 Level

Plenty of fast food chains and other companies have been fine-tuning their social media branding [...]

Plenty of fast food chains and other companies have been fine-tuning their social media branding recently, specifically on Twitter. Arby's is one of those brands, and it's one that's pretty much got a monopoly on food-related artwork that channels energies from games, anime, and other areas of entertainment to connect with its followers while pushing its products. With the recent release of Super Mario Maker 2, the company has done its fans one better by creating an entire level for everyone to play.

Aptly called "The Arby's Level" by the corporation which has gifted it upon us Super Mario Maker 2 players, the full level can be seen above in a playthrough by YouTuber and streamer ryukahr. If you don't want the entire level to be spoiled though, you can just hop into the level yourself by entering the code JGX-MQ8-VRG.

A snippet of the level can be found below, though you won't find the jingle that accompanies it within the level itself. You will find a few references to the company throughout the level though such as the name "Arby's" itself, the company's catchphrase, and some "meat slicers" as the Arby's Twitter account called them.

Now all that remains to be seen is whether or not other Very Online brands who dabble in gaming such as Wendy's or KFC will follow suit with their own Super Mario Maker 2 levels.

If you haven't played the sequel to the first Mario Maker yet, it's out now for the Nintendo Switch for those inclined. We'd recommend giving it a go regardless of if you played the first one or not, but you can hear more on that from the excerpt of our review below or the full take on the game that's found here.

"Super Mario Maker 2 overall is entirely worth your time if you enjoyed the first game or if you've ever had a favorite Mario game that stood out to you, especially since the game encompasses worlds that come from the original Super Mario Bros. experience to more modern versions. Other games in the past have attempted and failed to make enjoyable experiences out of player-driven content while placing the onus on the community, Super Mario Maker 2 is a prime example of what that strategy looks like when it works. Considering the thriving community the Nintendo Switch boasts, this feels like a game that's in no risk of running out of content for the foreseeable future."