Asmongold Slams Ninja Over Pokimane Legal Threats

Over the last few days, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Imane "Pokimane" Anys have been at the center of a major conflict on Twitch. The dispute between the two streamers began when streamer JiDion was permanently banned after encouraging a "hate raid" against Pokimane. Ninja came to JiDion's defense, offering to try to smooth things over with a Twitch rep and get his account reinstated. During a stream, Pokimane questioned "why Ninja would help someone evade a ban" for harassing her. This prompted Ninja's wife, Jessica Blevins, to threaten Pokimane with legal action for defamation. Now Asmongold has weighed in on the dispute, jumping to Pokimane's defense during a recent stream.

"It's literally a hundred percent Ninja wrong. It's kind of crazy because like, Ninja even looks worse in this situation than JiDion does. That's what's crazy to me about it," Asmongold said while slamming the threat of legal action.

Asmongold went on to say that it's not Pokimane's "responsibility to smooth things over for people who are hurting her and making statements towards her that are not true." It's pretty hard to disagree with that logic! While Ninja very clearly said that he messaged his Twitch rep about the situation during a stream, he and Jessica Blevins now claim Ninja was joking, and never actually sent the text. After that, the pair could have simply apologized and been done with it, but the threat of legal action has now tossed gasoline on to the fire.

JiDion clearly crossed a line, and it's worth noting that the streamer had been attacking Pokimane before the hate raid even happened. Earlier today, Pokimane shared a list on Twitter breaking down the actions of JiDion, showcasing how bad things got before the hate raid even occurred. Pokimane offers direct quotes from JiDion, in which the streamer made "extreme sexual comments" about her. Given all of that, it makes it all the more puzzling that Ninja and Jessica Blevins got involved in this situation to begin with!

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[H/T: Dexerto]