Marvel's Avengers Prequel Reveals First Look at Nick Fury

Today is the day! Marvel's Avengers, the upcoming video game from developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix, has had its first piece of official content release in the form of the prequel comic Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man #1. This is the first in a series of Marvel's Avengers one-shot comics, and as the title implies, it focuses on Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. While it was known that Tony would take on the game universe's version of the Lethal Legion like Absorbing Man and Titania, Marvel's Avengers' version of Nick Fury is also revealed in its page -- and he should be a relatively familiar sight.

As you can see in the panels below, Marvel's Avengers' Nick Fury is basically a combination of the comics Nick Fury (hair, mostly) and Nick Fury Jr. (basically... everything else) to form a new version of the character. As usual, he heads SHIELD, and Tony has a bone to pick with him after the events of today's comic book. While it doesn't reveal anything particular about the upcoming game, it does set the stage and possibly explain the origin of some of the divisions within the team at large.

marvels avengers prequel comic nick fury
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

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Here's the official description for Marvel's Avengers:


"Marvel’s Avengers combines an original story with single-player and co-operative gameplay in the definitive Avengers gaming experience. Assemble into teams of up to four players online, master extraordinary abilities, customize a growing roster of Heroes, and defend the Earth from escalating threats. Featuring regular content updates, Marvel’s Avengers will take players on an epic journey delivered over multiple years. This game is what’s next for the Avengers."

Marvel's Avengers, from publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics, is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on May 15, 2020. Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man #1 from Marvel Comics is available now wherever such things are sold. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Marvel-branded title right here.