Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Writer Teases More Surprising Character Cameos

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point has definitely become a hit, with the comic miniseries appealing to [...]

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point has definitely become a hit, with the comic miniseries appealing to both DC Comics fans and players of the hit Epic Games battle royale. Issue #3, which arrived in stores and online this week, was arguably the most anticipated yet, in part thanks to a highly-publicized fight between Batman and GI Joe's Snake Eyes. If that wasn't enough, the issue's final page also showcased another jaw-dropping cameo — and according to the series' creative team, it's only the tip of the iceberg. Spoilers for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 from Christos Gage
, Donald Mustard, Reilly Brown
, Nelson Faro DeCastro, John Kalisz, 
and Andworld Design below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue ended with Batman finding a way to escape Fortnite island's 22-minute loop, landing (with a superhero landing) in a mountainous area dotted with power lines. As soon as Batman landed, he was told that any moves he made would result in Catwoman's death — by none other than Deathstroke.

batman fortnite zero point 3 deathstroke
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While Deathstroke's appearance in the book was all but spoiled ahead of time, his role in the proceedings definitely shakes things up a bit, and as Zero Point writer Christos Gage revealed during a press event earlier this year, fans can expect more major cameos in the series' remaining three issues.

"At the end of issue three and the beginning of issue four, that character shows up," Gage explained. "And then there will be some other characters showing up. In the final issue, we have some more characters showing up. Hopefully, there'll be more surprises."

Could those characters be other heroes and villains from DC's arsenal? Or could they be other major playable characters from Fortnite's umbrella? Either way, it definitely sounds like fans have a lot to look forward to in the remaining three chapters.

"I think it'd be a lot of fun not just to draw the DC characters interacting with the Fortnite world, but just to explore some of these Fortnite characters on their own," artist Reilly Brown added elsewhere in the press conference. "There are so many cool character designs and concepts in the Fortnite crowd that I'd love to explore some of them. Especially because there are so, so many of them are unwritten yet. You just gotta look at them and you wonder, 'Oh, what type of world is this person from? Like Cuddle Team Leader, is she from a world where everybody just dresses like sports mascots, or is she the one person that does is because it's her job? Or is she a crime fighter over there too?' Because if you look at our book, you have Batman and Catwoman coming by, and they both dress like bats and cats, and that's not the way that everybody got them city dresses. It kind of makes you think 'Who are all these guys? What are their worlds like, and how do they fit in?' And so I think that that would be a lot of fun too."

What other characters would you like to see cameo in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!