Battlefield V: Watch 15 Minutes of RTX 2080 Ti Gameplay

Though initially met with controversy with the reveal of Battlefield V, many long-time fans of the [...]

Though initially met with controversy with the reveal of Battlefield V, many long-time fans of the FPS are excited to see all of the new additions added in the game. From new Stories, to Grand Operations - there will be a lot to explore with the upcoming shooter and the latest gameplay reveal shows it all in stunning clarity.

Thanks to the fine folks over at PC Gamer, we've got our first look at Battlefield V running with RTX enabled ray tracing. The team even mentioned in the video's description, "Pay particular attention to the reflections and shadows, which show a level of fidelity not possible without ray tracing. The game is running on an RTX 2080 Ti at 1080p, and dips below 60fps are still clearly present, but this is a preview build and we were also shown an updated build two days later where framerate drops were far less prominent."

For spec snobs like me, we don't have all of the specifics since the settings were locked down during the GamesCom demo and there wasn't the ability to measure certain performance metrics. Still, the footage looks nothing short of breathtaking and the surrounding environment has never looked better.

Real-time ray tracing was only recently brought into PC gaming with a massive push, so it's still very much considered a new technology. The way this new method supports graphics is incredible and for games like this that really do need a higher set up to perform optimally, it looks nothing short of outstanding.

For this case, players wanting to have a similar experience with the GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti will need to be prepared to shell out some serious bucks. Both launch on September 20th ranging from $799 up to 1,199 dollars. Still ... for those wanting the best of the best in performance, it's a worthwhile investment. Even more so for those big into streaming.

The adventure begins on October 11 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.