Call of Cthulhu Gets Co-Op Board Game By Original Game Designer

Chaosium and Petersen Games has announced Call of Cthulhu: Terror Paths, a new co-op board game set in the Call of Cthulhu universe. The new co-op board game is a campaign-style cooperative game that pits players against the unfathomable cosmic forces central to the Cthulhu mythos. The game is co-designed by Sandy Petersen, the original creator of the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game. Players will attempt to complete objectives while trying to keep track of the rising "doom" that acts as a timer for the game. Each investigator has their own abilities and equipment, and players can act and move simultaneously as they try to complete their scenarios. Players can approach each scenario as an individual story or as part of an overarching campaign.

"It's terrific to re-activate my old connections with Chaosium and work closely with them once more," said Petersen of Call of Cthulhu: Terror Paths. "I look forward to introducing new players to the horror of Lovecraft's tales with a fast and easy to play board game. It also has the depth and detail to fascinate even the most experienced gamer. It provides an authentic and unique Call of Cthulhu experience. The game design is done and I consider Call of Cthulhu Terror Paths to be my personal contribution to the 40th anniversary of Call of Cthulhu!"

Petersen served as the primary author for the first Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game when it was released in 1981. After leaving the tabletop industry, Petersen went on to work on Doom (designing several levels for both Doom and its sequel) and then on the original Age of Empires series. In recent years, Petersen started his own tabletop company and published the hit game Cthulhu Wars, which puts players in control of a faction of cosmic horror-themed monsters as they grapple for control of the cosmos. Call of Cthulhu has remained one of the more popular tabletop roleplaying games, often times landing under just Dungeons & Dragons in terms of popularity and sales. 


No release date or retail price was given for Call of Cthulhu: Terror Paths, but the game will be released directly to retail sometime in 2022.