Call of Duty: Mobile Tops 100 Million Downloads in First Week

Call of Duty: Mobile has already crushed a notable milestone in its first week on the market by being downloaded over 100 million times. Along with meaning that the game is simply a big hit with mobile gamers and Call of Duty player alike, it also means that this is biggest mobile game launch that’s ever been seen, according to Sensor Tower. Its success in its first week on the market means it’s already beaten other mobile hits like Pokemon Go and other shooters such as Fortnite’s mobile version.

Sensor Tower (via IGN, CNBC) reported on the mobile game’s big launch and said it’d crossed the 100 million download mark within one week. To make more sense of the accomplishment, the mobile version of PUBG amassed 28 million downloads in its first week while Fortnite saw 26.3 million downloads. The closest competitors to Call of Duty: Mobile were Pokemon Go which was downloaded 85.5 million times in the first week and the more recent Mario Kart Tour which came close to the milestone by getting around 90 million downloads after launch.

This kind of launch is impressive, but some people might’ve seen a success like this coming given how popular Call of Duty was already. The chance to play the first mobile game in the series was a big draw people have been waiting for that was helped immensely by the fact that it’s free-to-play. As Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out, the numbers tallied from the launch don’t even include a release in China which is one of several countries where mobile games are immensely popular.


With this first milestone out of the way, Call of Duty: Mobile can look ahead to other achievements and records like total number of downloads that are held by games that have been out longer. It’ll also be interesting to see how this Call of Duty game’s launch holds up to another big franchise that’s releasing its own mobile game soon. Minecraft Earth releases this month, a game based on the core Minecraft experience that attracts impressive player numbers itself. This new mobile game is an augmented-reality spin-off which may turn away some people whereas Call of Duty: Mobile was a more traditional experience, so the Minecraft game may not be able to compete with Call of Duty’s launch numbers.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on mobile devices.

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