Call of Duty: Mobile Adds Another Fan Favorite Game Mode

Call of Duty: Mobile players who think themselves to be a decent shot with a sniper rifle now have a chance to test that claim thanks to a new game mode that’s been added in the latest update. The Snipers Only mode has arrived, a mode which is frequently requested in shooters and was thought to be coming to the mobile game soon. It’s live as part of the Halloween event that’s ongoing now, and it looks like there’s at least a possibility that the rotating games like this one could one day become permanent.

This new game mode went live in the game as of October 18th, and whether you’ve played a similar mode in another game or not, it really doesn’t need much of an introduction. You have to choose between using the DL Q33 and the Artic .50 sniper rifles, so expect to see all the quick-scopers try and come out for this event to see if their skills translate to the mobile platform. The game mode’s release was confirmed in the latest community update Activision shared with its players and will be live for the next few days.

It’ll be removed on October 24th, but when it comes to these sorts of limited-time modes that players enjoy the most, there’s a chance that they could one day stick around for much longer, perhaps even permanently. Snipers Only probably wouldn’t be one of the permanent ones at first since there are other modes players are more drawn to, but Activision said that it’s heard players’ request to have certain modes like Free For All and Gun Game added permanently. No confirmation or denial of that happening has been given yet, but it seems like the possibility is at least there.


“We’ve seen plenty of you saying you love FFA and Gun Game and that you would like them to be permanent,” Activision said. “It is truly wonderful that you all are taking the time to not only try those modes but that you enjoy them so much that you want them to stick around. All we can say for now is please just keep leaving feedback on them. It matters.”

The same community update also addressed other topics like Master Ranks and players’ reporting of cheaters. You can see that and more by checking out the official update.

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