Call of Duty: Warzone Players Are Using an Old Battlefield Trick

Call of Duty: Warzone players are finding now that an old Battlefield trick works just as well in [...]

Call of Duty: Warzone players are finding now that an old Battlefield trick works just as well in the competing series as it does in Infinity Ward's battle royale game. The trick involves having some C4 and a vehicle and using both of them together to fling a wheeled explosive towards whatever your target is. You only get one shot at it since the vehicle's going to be blown to bits by the end of the stunt, but pulling it off correctly can clear out an entire squad and anything that's nearby them, other vehicles included.

The trick is a pretty simple one, and there's a chance you've already used it or had it used against you in Warzone. Just find some C4 – preferably two charges if you can manage it – and get yourself in a vehicle. The bigger vehicle the better since it'll ensure you deliver your explosive package safely, but an ATV will work find if that's all you can find.

so this is battlefield all over again. from r/CODWarzone

Throw the C4 on the vehicle before driving it, then go hunting for a target. For the best results, find someone else who's also in a vehicle. Drive straight at them like the player in the clip above does, and hop off the vehicle and detonate it as it collides or gets near the other players. The result should be a big explosion of C4 and at least one vehicle, likely followed by a team wipe if the whole team was riding along.

It wasn't long after Warzone launched that people figured out you could do this sort of trick, but it's become even more common as more and more players joined the game.

C4 Jeep coming right up from r/CODWarzone

The trick's origins are credited to Battlefield seeing how the other shooter series has had vehicles for a long time now. Call of Duty hasn't had them quite as long, but when Black Ops 4: Blackout released, people quickly found out the trick worked the same no matter what series they were playing. The same is clearly true for Warzone now that more players are using the Battlefield trick, so be on the lookout for any crafty drivers in Warzone.