Call of Duty: Warzone Teases Die Hard's John McClane Again

Activision and Raven Software gave some pretty clear hints at one of the next ‘80s action stars to join Call of Duty: Warzone by hinting at the arrival of someone from Die Hard. While the candidate – John McClane – was obvious, teaser No. 2 from Warzone basically confirms the arrival of the Die Hard lead. A “Warzone Report” referencing McClane was shared on Wednesday to hint at his eventual arrival as an Operator in the battle royale game.

The teaser below all but confirms McClane’s involvement in Warzone by attributing to him a Warzone Report for a player named “COWBOYMCCLANE#0070030.” It gives McClane a flawless K/D ratio with 73 kills to his name which we’ll assume is how many people he’s killed in the Die Hard movies altogether. The “Games Played” and “Wins” both totaling five each appear to be references to the number of movies the Bruce Willis character has been in with McClane emerging victorious in each film.

The name of McClane’s in-game account is a reference to the character beyond just the “McClane” name itself, too. The “Cowboy” in the front, for those who haven’t seen Die Hard in a while, is the companion quote to McClane’s most famous “Yippee-ki-yay” catchphrase. Die Hard villain Hans Gruber calls McClane a cowboy in the film which prompts McClane to say those iconic words affixed to an expletive for the first time.

Will Warzone find a way to commemorate that quote through McClane’s in-game character? Perhaps, but it definitely seems like a missed opportunity if it doesn’t happen. Either way, it seems like we’ll be seeing McClane in Warzone sooner rather than later.

He’s not the only action star that’s being added to the game either. Just as the Warzone teasers hinted at this character, other references have indicated that John Rambo from the First Blood movie and its sequels will be coming to the game as well. Right in line with the new Warzone setting of an ‘80s version of Verdansk to mirror the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War aesthetic, the new theme appears to be adding action stars from the time period. There are certainly no shortages of those to choose from, though who all will be added whenever this is done remains to be seen.