Call Of Duty: WWII Will Have A Huge Multiplayer Focus, Will Be Esports Supported

There’s no question that Call of Duty has attained quite the grip on esports over the past few [...]


There's no question that Call of Duty has attained quite the grip on esports over the past few years, but some players were wondering if that would continue with Call of Duty: WWII, particularly with its shift in tone from previous entries in the series. Well, good news, it's getting that focus, and multiplayer is getting razor-sharp focus as well.

Sledgehammer Games, the developer behind the forthcoming World War II shooter, recently hosted a Reddit AMA to answer questions from the fans. Most of the answers were pretty basic for the most part, but then the topics of esports and multiplayer came up, and the studio's co-founder, Michael Condrey, was quick to respond that the team is all for both.

He noted that both Ranked Play and Game Battles with the upcoming game are "important components of our feature set," but wouldn't go into detail in terms of what to expect from these features. That said, if they're anything like previous offerings from the Call of Duty games, we should be in good hands.

"As you may have heard, we had a great week with some of the top competitors at SHG playing the game and giving us feedback," Condrey explained. "Ranked Play and Game Battles are important components of our feature set."

The developer also has big plans on the esports front, probably revolving around the Call of Duty: World League, which is likely to focus on the game later this year. For now, though, details are minimal at best. "We'll have a lot more news about the competitive scene coming later this summer," he noted. More than likely, we'll probably hear something about what's happening with the World League in August, unless the team reveals something during its forthcoming San Diego Comic-Con trip, which it confirmed over the weekend.

Whatever the case, Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer will be huge, and a nice return to form for the series for those of you who prefer solid "boots to the ground" style gameplay. We're excited to see what the forthcoming beta has to offer!

Call of Duty: WWII arrives on November 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.