New Chronicles of Crime Game Announced

Lucky Duck Games has announced a new Chronicles of Crime game, finishing off its Millennium trilogy of games. Earlier this month, Lucky Duck Games officially announced Chronicles of Crime: 2400, a new Chronicles of Crime game. This new game completes the trilogy of Chronicles of Crime standalone games started with Chronicles of Crimes: 1400 and continued with Chronicles of Crime: 1900. While each game is considered standalone, the three games have a running narrative that forms when played in order. Additionally, all three games star characters from the same family.

The Chronicles of Crime series mixes actual game components with an app to deliver a unique game experience. Players scan unique QR codes on the various components, which unlock new story content and offers players the chance to interrogate witnesses or guide your investigation in different direcions. Each scenario includes a mix of deductive reason and puzzle-solving and takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. One notable twist in Chronicles of Crime: 2400 is that players can upgrade the lead character's implants over the course of the story, giving them a chance to collect even more evidence and clues. 

Chronicles of Crime: 2400 contains one scenario and includes everything you need to play, including location boards, implant cards, and an evidence board.

The description for Chronicles of Crime: 2400 reads: "You are Kalia Lavel. You've always wanted to fight crime like your famous ancestors, so you joined the elite BelCor forces. They turned you into a highly trained cyber-agent, but it didn't take you long to figure out that your bosses cared much more about their profit than about justice for ordinary people. You turned in your badge and now you live in a tiny apartment in a bad neighborhood, stripped of most of your cybernetic implants. It doesn't matter though, as you can finally do what a Lavel is meant to do: solve crimes and help those who can't count on anyone else in this merciless world."


Chronicles of Crime: 2400 will be released in November and will have a retail price of $29.99.