Critical Role Debuts Gorgeous Art Book Cover by 'Batman,' 'Black Science' Artists

Critical Role's upcoming art book will have a stunning cover by comic artists Matteo Scalera and [...]

Critical Role's upcoming art book will have a stunning cover by comic artists Matteo Scalera and Moreno Denisio.

Earlier this month, the popular Dungeons & Dragons-themed web show announced they were releasing a second volume of its Chronicles of Exandria series, which features fan artwork of the characters and events from the show. Earlier today, Critical Role released the full cover art of the book, which was illustrated by the creative team of Scalera and Denisio. Scalera and Denisio are prolific comic book artists best known for illustrating the Image series Black Science. Scalera has also illustrated issues of Batman and Secret Avengers.

The cover depicts the members of Vox Machina charging into battle, with the dangerous Hand and Eye of Vecna rising in the background. Vecna, a classic Dungeons & Dragons diety and villain, was the final antagonist of the Vox Machina campaign and was reinterpreted as an evil god attempting to return to the Material Plane. Vox Machina managed to stop Vecna in a climactic battle, but at a heavy cost, as one of their members was permanently killed during the battle.

All seven of the core members of Vox Machina are shown on the cover, with the druid Keyleth and bard Scanlan in the center of the cover. Grog the Barbarian, Percy the Gunslinger, and Pike the Cleric are on the left hand side of the cover, while the twins Vax and Vex and Trinket (Vex's pet bear) are on the right side of the cover.

You can check out the full cover below:


The full art book will be released in fall of this year and will feature over 200 pieces of art by 96 different artists. No price has been announced yet, but the first volume cost $44.99 for a standard edition and also had a pricier deluxe version. Critical Role has confirmed that the The Chronicles of Exandria: The Legend of Vox Machina will also come in two different versions.