Critical Role Teases New Content With Opening of New Studio, Twitch and Youtube Channel

Critical Role is expanding with the opening of a new studio and plans for brand new content on their Twitch and YouTube channels.

As described by the show's Dungeon Master Matt Mercer, Critical Role features a bunch of "nerdy ass voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons" and has attracted a huge fanbase since its start in 2015. The show helped drive D&D's resurgence in popularity and turned a home campaign into a multimedia enterprise, with spinoff shows, books, and comics, sponsorships, and video game tie-ins. The show's first campaign, which featured a group of adventurers known as Vox Machina, ended back in 2017, and the show is currently running through a second campaign featuring a new group of characters under the banner of the Mighty Nein.

Now, Critical Role is expanding by opening a new studio to film both its main flagship show and new content for its Twitch and YouTube channels. Critical Role previously partnered with Geek & Sundry by filming its two shows at the Geek & Sundry studio and selling its merchandise on Geek & Sundry's website. While Geek & Sundry will still air Critical Role on Thursday nights (and companion show Talks Machina on Tuesdays), new merchandise will now be available at the show's website, beginning with a new Mighty Nein t-shirt.

Marisha Ray, one of Critical Role's cast members, has also stepped down from her position at Geek & Sundry to focus her efforts on the new Critical Role studio and content. One of the new pieces of content that will air on Critical Role's new YouTube and Twitch channels will be a sequel to Ray's popular "Bear Heist" adventure, titled "Marisha's Honey Heist 2 (Electric Beargaloo)." All new content (excluding Critical Role and Talks Machina) will air exclusively on the Critical Role YouTube and Twitch channels.

The changes also means more engagement with fans, as Critical Role will now host fan-art on its own webpage. The group is also working on a new monthly feature for cosplayers who dress up as members of Vox Machina or the Mighty Nein. Mercer also mentioned that moving merchandise sales to its website meant that they had a bit more freedom to listen to fans when producing new merchandise.


You can check out the full announcement about the new studio above, or check out a written summary of the announcement on their website.