Darkest Dungeon Board Game Revealed

Mythic Games has revealed a first look at its upcoming tabletop adaptation of Darkest Dungeon. [...]

Mythic Games has revealed a first look at its upcoming tabletop adaptation of Darkest Dungeon. Over the weekend, Mythic Games provided a sneak peek of its upcoming Darkest Dungeon tabletop game. Earlier this year, Mythic Games, the maker of Super Fantasy Brawl and Time of Legends: Joan of Arc revealed a breakdown of its upcoming Darkest Dungeon game. The multiplayer co-op game looks to be a mostly faithful adaptation of Red Hook Studios' 2016 smash hit, with players setting off on a campaign to eventually enter and conquer the "Darkest Dungeon." Much of the imagery from the original game looks to have made it into the board game, even if some of the gameplay elements have changed. The game will also come with fantastic-looking miniatures that look like they were pulled straight out of the game.

In the Darkest Dungeon board game, players will have to defeat three bosses over the course of a multi-session campaign, leveling up their characters as they do. Players each pick a character class and skills at the outset of their mission. While the game doesn't use Darkest Dungeon's party position system, it does use different "stances," each of which roughly translate to a different party position and determines where a character's figure starts in a room. The random room element comes into play as well via a tile system that randomly determines what you'll find in each room. Each character takes two actions per turn and certain skills only work when in different stances. Players will also have to grapple with Quirks, Diseases, Stress, and other elements that will impact their character as they try to survive each dungeon crawl.

Mythic Games will launch their Kickstarter for the Darkest Dungeon board game later this year. You can check out more gameplay insights in the video above (the Darkest Dungeon portion starts around the 30 minute mark.)