Days Gone Director Encourages Fans to Sign Petition for Sequel

The director of 2019's PlayStation 4 release Days Gone is encouraging fans to sign a petition in [...]

The director of 2019's PlayStation 4 release Days Gone is encouraging fans to sign a petition in the hopes of greenlighting a sequel for PlayStation 5. Within the past week, a report emerged stating that developer Bend Studio had pitched Days Gone 2 to Sony back in 2019, but the project was turned down. However, that hasn't kept fans from trying to make their desire for a potential sequel heard.

Over on social media, Jeff Ross, who formerly worked as a director at Bend Studio before leaving in 2020, told fans to keep showing up in droves to sign a petition that was created last week. Ross said that he was surprised to see that the petition itself has become one of the most popular over the past few days. "Please jump on there and help push it over the 25,000 mark!" Ross told fans.

While Sony's decision to make Days Gone 2 happen might not be swayed from a petition like this, it's good to see that Ross seems to still remain hopeful that the idea for a sequel could happen. Based on what we heard earlier this week, the sequel for Days Gone was going to implement co-op gameplay and would also feature a connected world of some sort. Obviously, those plans seemingly ended up getting canned alongside the project's pitch to Sony, but Ross himself still wants players to make their voices heard.

Even if Sony never decides to release a sequel to Days Gone, it is looking to bring the game to a whole new audience in just about one month. PlayStation announced just yesterday that the PC iteration of Days Gone is set to arrive next month on May 18. In the process, some first gameplay footage from this port of the game was also shown off for the first time.

So what do you think about this ongoing situation with Days Gone 2? Are you hoping to one day see the game come to light, or would you like to see Bend Studio work on another project in the future? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.