Dead by Daylight Halloween Event Gives Players Free Bloodpoints, Skins, and More

Dead by Daylight just recently added the game's latest Survivor, and now, it's welcomed a Halloween event to The Fog complete with unique gameplay mechanics, rewards, and more. The Halloween event is one of two big celebrations developer Behaviour Interactive focuses on every year, so players have naturally been looking forward to this event for a while now. It's scheduled to go live on October 21st and will be available until November 4th.

The Halloween event this year is officially called "The Midnight Grove" and has been teased before whenever the game's event calendar for this month and part of November was revealed. With the event set to get underway on Thursday, a more detailed breakdown of what's involved has been shared.

For starters, players get a one-time bonus of 666,666 Bloodpoints just for logging in. Those can be used to purchase things you'd normally get through the Bloodweb, but you can also use them to purchase themed items such as the Cursed Seed offering. This item shown in the trailer above, for example, creates one special hook and generator each that award bonus Bloodpoints when interacted with.

Unique jack-o-lanterns will also be scattered around the maps which can also be interacted with regardless of if you're playing as a Survivor or a Killer. Smashing these gives players extra Bloodpoints and can help them complete Tome Challenges, but they also grant either a buff or debuff in-game. The catch is that you don't know which you'll get, so it's always a risk to mess with them.

Behaviour also said there would be certain skins and charms to be earned only during the duration of the event, but it wasn't specified how those would be earned. Dead by Daylight players frequently get codes from the developer to enter in-game in return for prizes, so perhaps we'll see the cosmetics below distributed in a similar fashion.


  • Mikaela Reid: Witching Hour Outfit
  • The Doctor: The Transplant Outfit


  • Black Cat w/ Witch Hat
  • Nea Scarecrow
  • Sheet Ghost Wraith

For those who don't or no longer have access to Dead by Daylight, you can try out the game for free during a free trial period. The free trial starts on Thursday and ends on October 25th, and it's available on the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Google Stadia platforms.

Full details about Dead by Daylight's Halloween event can be seen here.