Dead by Daylight Adds New Silent Hill Content

After adding the Silent Hill Chapter to Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive is adding even more from the storied horror franchise to its Killer vs. Survivor game. Announced on Tuesday as part of Dead by Daylight's Halloween festivities, James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 is now a playable character in the game thanks to a new Legendary Cosmetic available within the in-game shop. A new version of Pyramid Head steeped in Dead by Daylight's lore is also available now.

 The new Silent Hill content can be seen in the trailer below courtesy of Behaviour. The first cosmetic is one for Pyramid Head which gives the Killer a Dead by Daylight makeover by infusing him with the Blight Serum that's been a part of past Halloween events. Officially known as "Pyramid Blight," he's joined by James Sunderland, a premium cosmetic for the base character Cheryl Mason.

"The world of Silent Hill continues to expand in Dead by Daylight with two strong new additions to the mythology," Behaviour said. "First, the iconic Pyramid Head ups the ante as he injects a searing dose of putrid serum into his system. Body and blade dripping with rotting matter he soon finds himself face-to-pyramid with an old friend: James Sunderland. Both characters made their debuts in Silent Hill 2, and 20 years later their paths will cross again in the Entity's Realm."

When the Silent Hill Chapter was released, it was the first to introduce the idea of Legendary Cosmetics. These skins allowed players to play as completely different characters from a franchise without affecting gameplay since Survivors do not have their own unique powers, only perks (the Legendary Cosmetic feature has been exclusive to Survivors). A similar release happened with Stranger Things whenever released alternate looks for characters from the Netflix series in addition to the two Survivors already released in the Chapter. Behaviour has also added new Silent Hill content in the past with the addition of new cosmetics for Dead by Daylight's guest characters.

The Stranger Things DLC is being removed from the store in November which will mean it'll still be playable in the game but will no longer be purchasable. No such plans for removal have been announced for the Silent Hill Chapter nor any others, however, so Dead by Daylight players don't have to worry right now about Pyramid Head and others being unavailable anytime soon.