Dead by Daylight Updates a Killer and Several Maps

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has another update going out for the game this week that’s one of the many patches included in The Realm Beyond. The ongoing project has updated parts of the game ranging from animations to maps to character models, and on Tuesday, the game’s latest update addressed another Killer and several maps. The Doctor’s gameplay remains the same while the Killer himself now has updated visual effects and a new model, and the Coldwind Farm maps have all been updated.

Prior to the update’s release, Behaviour Interactive previewed the way The Doctor and the Coldwind Farms maps would look once after being patched. A video gave a preview of some familiar locations within different Coldwind Farms maps that have now been updated to the standards of other maps previously upgraded as part of The Realm Beyond. We also got a close-up of The Doctor who’s now more gruesome than ever with a model that shows the effects of his electricity powers taking their toll on his body.

Notes from the breakdown of the game’s latest update clarify what’s new about the maps and The Doctor, but it’s largely what you see in front of you in the video above. Things will of course look a bit different once you hop into Dead by Daylight yourself, so it’s worth trying out the changes after they’re available to see how everything looks post-update.

Visual Update

  • Visual Update for all Coldwind Farm maps.

The Doctor VFX Update

  • Optimized Doctor VFX to improve performance.
  • Reduced the intensity of the glitch and madness screen effects.

Behaviour Interactive said back in February that it was halfway through its Realm Beyond updates. Part 4 of the updates had released around that time with this one being Part 5, so there are still three or so updates to go assuming schedules haven’t shifted. For context on how long this has all been going on, Part 1 was originally previewed back in September 2020.

While these map and Killer updates are part of The Realm Beyond, the same update also released some gameplay changes for different Killers that aren’t included in the same project. Those changes were previewed before on the test servers and are largely the same as how they were presented last time. You can read through the full patch notes here to see what else is new.