Dead Island 2 Gameplay Leaks Online

A build of Dead Island 2 from five years ago has leaked online and is apparently fully playable [...]

A build of Dead Island 2 from five years ago has leaked online and is apparently fully playable after it was released to the public. Released via 4Chan, the build of Dead Island 2 which is dated for June 19, 2015, is now in the hands of people who've been able to try it out for themselves and shared their findings and hands-on experiences online. It shows the familiar Dead Island formula of scavenging for loot and other useful items while fending off hordes of vacationing zombies by using creative weapons to dispatch them. Though dated, this is the first look at Dead Island 2 people have gotten in quite a while.

Videos like the one below from GamersPrey have emerged online to show what Dead Island 2 looks like when it's actually being played. Incapacitating zombies with weapons players scrounged together and finishing them off when they're on the ground while checking the surroundings for useful materials is most of what's seen. Some movements and scenes look pretty abrupt and unfinished like the screen that pops up when the player dies, but that's to be expected seeing how it's an old build.

Dead Island 2 has been the subject of many questions and some concerns amid an evidently tumultuous development process seeing how the game's changed developers several times while remaining under the Koch Media umbrella. Most of the updates we've gotten on the game from those higher up in the company have simply been reaffirmations that the game is still in development despite not having a release date for years. One of the most recent comments on the game from Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz during a interview when he said it's a matter of getting the game right and that Dead Island was very important to the company.

"My favourite question," Kundratitz said. "Look, Dead Island is a very important brand for us and we've got to get it right. It's just a testimony of our dedication to get it right."

More screenshots like the ones above were shared from the build as well after it surfaced online. Keep in mind that the build is five years old by now, so however the game looks now, it's probably much different than what's shown in the 2015 build.

Dead Island 2 still does not yet have a release date.