Dead Space Remake Secret Hints at Dead Space 2 Remake

The new Dead Space remake may very well contain a secret that hints at plans for a Dead Space 2 remake from Electronic Arts' Motive Studio. The teaser is one that's easy enough to miss and only really makes sense if you played Dead Space 2 already, but it's one that players have picked up on quickly enough. Motive naturally has not said anything regarding plans for a remake of the second or third game, but considering how the developers left the door open to the possibility in past discussions and how the Dead Space remake is being removed so far, it wouldn't be surprising if a Dead Space 2 remake was actually in the works.

To find this teaser, you'll have to beat the game first. It's a relatively short game depending on how much exploring you want to do and what difficulty you've got it set on, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue for many. Once you start anew in New Game+ mode, you'll find that there are some extra logs in the game (via GameSpot). When accessed, these feature conversations referencing the Sprawl, the location in which Dead Space 2 takes place.

The mentioning of the Sprawl is enough of an Easter egg to point towards plans for a Dead Space 2 remake, but the fact that the apparent teaser was hidden away in New Game+ makes it that much more suspicious. It's also worth pointing out that the alternate ending for the game features Isaac being more adversely affected by the powers of the Marker, an ending which suggests he's now going to act on its behalf. While that ending takes some liberties with the stories of Dead Space and Dead Space 2 and is open to interpretation, many have assumed this alternate ending is in place to serve as a segue into a Dead Space 2 remake.

The Dead Space remake did wonders to resolve some of the issues present in the original game, so those who are in favor of this remake have similarly voiced their support already for remakes of the next mainline games in the series. Motive again has not voiced any plans to remake the next games, so for now, players are left with their theories.