Destiny 2 Gets a Cryptic New Teaser

Destiny 2 players are working to decipher a cryptic new teaser shared by Bungie recently that [...]

Destiny 2 players are working to decipher a cryptic new teaser shared by Bungie recently that appears to be hinting at what's to come in the next expansion for the game. The teaser in question showed an image with several pyramid shapes that have been denoted as important by the Destiny 2 sleuths trying to figure out what's going on, and with that image came an ominous recording that doesn't offer much from a first listen but definitely has some significance behind it. Bungie said recently it had some "exciting news" to share with players about the plans for the game's future and that players would hear more about Destiny 2 content "very soon."

The teaser Bungie shared can be found below, but don't expect to come away with the solution from listening to it just one time. For many players regardless of how invested in the game you are, it probably won't sound like much nor will it look like much since the image never actually changes.

But as is typically the case with any other major game, players are already on the case trying to figure out what's being foreshadowed in this teaser.

The RaidSecrets subreddit – a community where Destiny 2 players try to unlock the secrets of the game and figure out what's what – is probably your best bet if you're trying to figure out what's planned for Destiny 2 based on what's seen and heard in this teaser. Work is already underway there as players pull apart the teaser in pretty much every way possible to see what it might be hinting at. Players have highlighted the fact that the image has 91 bars and have interpreted that has possibly having some biblical significance while others have turned to hex codes and other ways of decrypting the teaser to figure out what it means. The audio's been played forwards, backwards, and pretty much any other way that might make it say more than it already is, but there's still no conclusion on what the teaser means.

Over on the Bungie blog for Destiny 2, the developer said just this week that it knew players wanted to know more about the next steps for the game and said information would be shared soon.

"If you are familiar with the rituals and cycles that mark a year in the life of a Guardian, you must be curious as to when we'll begin a conversation about what is next," Bungie said. "We can't put a date on that just yet, but we will very soon. That's a promise. We know you're hungry for that news and we're just as eager to deliver it."

Look for that information to come "very soon" unless players figure out the teaser before then.