Destiny 2 Expansion Accused of False Advertising by Players

here we go again

The latest expansion for Bungie's Destiny 2 is available now and many were looking forward to learning more about Ana Bray and the fight of the Guardians in Warmind. Many were even calling it the perfect opportunity for Bungie to make a "comeback" following a rough launch year rife with controversy. Apparently, it failed to miss the mark. Not for its single-player campaign, that was stunning, but many players are citing another round of "false advertising" surrounding the post-campaign "new" content.

According to one Resetera user:

"The only new and original Strike is exclusive to PlayStation. These are advertised as new and separate content, same as they are in the original game. However in the new DLC Warmind two of them are literally just the last two campaign levels, with the third and only original content one being exclusive to PlayStation. As if it was already bad enough when one of the four campaign levels is just set in an old area of Earth, then the last two are also doubling as Strikes. They did this in Curse of Osiris as well but at least then they changed them up a bit, gave them different dialogue and had the excuse that it was a second run of the simulation. Even then they didn't literally use the final boss of the campaign as a Strike. I can't stress enough that this is advertised as separate content to the campaign, just as it is in the base Destiny 2 game. In addition this is in a $20 expansion."

A user over on Reddit ported the original comment over with an added comment of, "At this speed, Destiny 3 will just reuse D1 and D2 levels "in a new and exciting way you didn't ever expect." They added, "How do they justify making the same mistakes over and over again?"

The comment section was no kinder, stating that this was the final nail in Bungie's coffin. Destiny 2 did phenomenal in sales upon its first release, in large part to the branching out of platforms. This was the first game in the franchise available to PC players, making it an instant grab for those curious. Unfortunately, it was a steep decline after the developer team was hounded for similar claims to this: misinformation.


With their "lack of transparency" and pay walls locking content that should have been earnable and was later found not to be, the team faced heavy backlash. That backlash inspired them to provide a detailed road map of all of the player-requested changes being made to the game itself. Because of that, many were actually hopeful about Warmind's release, but it seems that either the community is not ready to forgive or the company is doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes.

Where do you fall on the reactionary spectrum? Do you think Bungie has failed their players, or are the players being too harsh? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!