Destiny 2: Forsaken, The Dreaming City Trailer Revealed

Bungie is getting incredibly serious about closing out its Destiny 2 saga with a bang. We’ve [...]

Bungie is getting incredibly serious about closing out its Destiny 2 saga with a bang. We've already seen some awesome features from its Forsaken expansion thus far, but now it's really got us running headfirst into trouble as we take on The Dreaming City.

This latest chapter of the series was introduced with a new trailer earlier today, giving us an all-new area to explore as we go head-on against a new kind of evil while, at the same time, testing out our skills in a dangerous new place called The Blind Well.

"Discover the Dreaming City, Destiny's largest endgame experience ever. Unearth long-lost mysteries, solve ancient riddles and fight back against the corruption that plagues the tower's halls. Test your mettle in The Blind Well to claim powerful treasures, but be warned, a terrible evil lies," the video's description reads.

Out of all the stuff we've seen in the Forsaken expansion thus far, Dreaming City looks to be going up a notch, with its translucent world design and its mysterious secrets. What's more, it's hiding all sorts of secrets, including loot that you can score for yourself and a dangerous creature that awaits in the heart of the city. Boy, those Awoken weren't fooling around when they build this place, were they?

Bungie considers The Dreaming City "Destiny's largest endgame experience ever," and its place within the Forsaken lexicon should be well cemented when the expansion drops in just a few weeks. Something tells us that, even though we're walking into a nightmare, this will indeed be the stuff of our dreams.

Along with the Awoken, the Keep of New Voices will also serve as part of the storyline for The Dreaming City, though to what extent we don't know just yet. That's fine, as the more mystery we have going into this adventure, the better off we'll be when it truly surprises us. And who knows what could be waiting in The Blind Well…? Something tells us we're going to need a good fireteam to get out of there in one piece, yeah?

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Forsaken expansion will release on September 4.