‘Detective Pikachu’ Fans Thrilled With the Idea of a PG-13 Movie

Earlier today, we reported that Warner Bros. may be considering giving Detective Pikachu a PG-13 rating when it arrives early next summer, in the hopes of attracting a bigger audience than just the usual “kids’ movie.” And while some parents may have mixed feelings about that, fans on the Internet are thrilled with the idea -- though their reasons may be somewhat questionable.

Detective Pikachu

We found some of the best reactions on Twitter to today’s earlier report, and, well, a lot of people really want to see Ryan Reynolds swear as Pikachu:

And of course, I said something on the matter...


Mind you, nothing is official yet, so take the rumor with a grain of salt. But it seems like most folks would be fine with a PG-13 Pikachu. We’ll see what happens when the film releases on May 10, 2019. Watch the debut trailer below!