Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals Mulan Star Path Details

Mulan fans will have a lot to celebrate with Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 11.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 11 is dropping this week, and when it does, players will have a brand-new Star Path to check out. After some teases earlier in the month, Gameloft has now fully revealed the new theme, which is called Majesty and Magnolias. Players will have to wait a little bit longer to see all of the new rewards that can be unlocked, but there have been a few items announced. A new Dream Style can be unlocked for Mulan, and players will be able to get items like floating kites and paper lanterns that can be used to decorate the valley. While only Mulan and Mushu will be joining the valley, there will be content based on Cri-Kee in the form of a onesie that can be worn by the player! 

A short teaser video highlighting some of the new Star Path rewards can be found below. 

Response to the new Star Path theme on the game's official X/Twitter account has been generally positive, with a lot of people eager to start up the new Star Path and check out the rest of the content that's being added. Thankfully, we aren't too far out, as Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 11 is set to go live on Wednesday, June 26th

Given the heavy focus Mulan will be getting in Update 11, it's not that surprising to see the film being at the center of the new Star Path as well. We saw something similar when the Monsters, Inc. Realm was added earlier this year, and this should give hardcore Mulan fans even more reason to celebrate. It remains to be seen whether this Star Path will also feature content based on other Disney properties, but it seems like a safe bet. Gameloft tends to play a little loose with these themes, so even if you aren't a huge fan of the movie, there might be other content that appeals more to you! 

As of this writing, we don't have a specific release time for the update, but the new content and Star Path will likely be available by 10 a.m. ET on most platforms. That would be in keeping with what we've seen in the past, and hopefully the same will prove true for this one.

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